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Looking for an electrical safety company with a track record you can trust.

PAT Testing


You need to trust the integrity of your PAT testing.

However the industry has become commoditised so how do you know where to turn?

In truth it’s the staff carrying out the testing along with the processes they follow that ultimately decides if your certificate is trustworthy.

Time for a better service?

Simply request a callback?

The Guarantee

We promise our PAT Testing Service is of the highest quality. If you disagree for any reason you're not satisfied you won't pay. Simple.

P.S Whilst we continue to offer this guarantee, no customer has ever had the need to take us up on it.

Maths that make sense

With over 20 years in the PAT testing industry Brennan Electrical have found that the average time to test an appliance is 3 minutes.

So on reflection, is there a chance your current PAT Testing company could be cutting corners?

If so give us a call and grill us further on how we differ.

Variety is the spice of life

Don't be misled. A specialist PAT tester who does nothing else but PAT testing is not necessarily the most highly skilled.

That's because PAT testing is highly repetitive and un-stimulating if carried out on a continuous basis.

Therefore all Brennan Electrical engineers regularly do a range of other tasks too.

This varies from customer service in the office to testing emergency lighting and Fire Alarm checks.

It keeps our staff fresh, motivated and better equipped to deliver the outstanding service you expect.

Solid Processes for our PAT testers

You can trust our certificates. Just like all our other services we have carefully worked out over the years what works and what doesn't. In turn all that knowledge has been packaged into an internal training course which our staff must follow rigorously.

As a result we've found clients return not only because they can depend on the integrity of our PAT Testing reports, but because our exceptional service is consistently delivered.

Quality Control

"Since the company's inception I've made regular appointments with clients to access the quality of the service we deliver and whilst all our engineers know I do these spot checks, they don't know when or what clients I am visiting".

It's yet another method Brennan Electrical relies on to ensure we continue to deliver a consistent and reliable service.


Brennan Electrical invests in you, your business, your home, because we have a duty of care to our customers.

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