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If you want a more dependable electrical contractor, someone who get's the job done.

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Our core ethos is to provide some of the larger company benefits in a more personal way and some benefits other companies don't do.

Below are the main aspects that all our services have at their core.

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No nonsense guarantees

We at Brennan Electrical won't mess you about with wimpy small print warranties. Instead all our guarantees are straightforward, easy to read and based on the premise that if you're not happy - you won't pay. So take a closer look at how we've removed the risk to you in working with us and discover why we're confident enough to offer them.

You stay in control

You're far too busy to waste time chasing after your contractor. So choose Brennan Electrical and you'll soon discover we're set up to make your life easier. For example we offer multiple ways to get in touch, Phone, Email, facebook. In short we'll keep you happy with our quick response, top quality service and highly qualified engineers.

You get a Fast Response

There will be occasions when you need a qualified engineer fast. And because we mainly work with clients in Surrey & Berkshire we're never too far away. It means if you have an emergency or you need some quick advice just call us and we'll be on hand to help.

You can depend on us

Underlying all our services is a very systematic approach to how they are delivered. We might bang on about this but for good reason. You see, in the absence of structured processes and expected onsite standards, engineers will be unable to deliver a consistent approach. Our promise of consistency is there to give you the confidence we'll deliver a top-notch job, every time. So sorry if we rave on about our fab business processes, but we want you to know they're a key factor in our success and in delivering you a great customer experience.

You get engineers that care

None of our engineers are paid a bonus based results.We at Brennan Electrical EXPECT our engineers to ''do the job they would except in there own home''. It's a key part of a philosophy we implemented from when our business started and we call it "The Golden Rule". Put simply it means our team treat others, as they would like to be treated. The system helps guide all our staff to go about their day with the key values of our business in mind. These are service excellence, clarity, collaboration and safety.

Your business stays running

We talk about this a lot. Our engineers appreciate the importance of your business continuity and ensuring their presence causes minimal or limited disruption. We promise our engineers will never intentionally or through sloppiness cause your systems to fail. Instead they're trained to ask the right questions to ensure any necessary contingency plans are in place. So as far as possible, it means you can maintain "business as usual".


Brennan Electrical invests in you, your business, your home, because we have a duty of care to our customers.

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