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Looking for an electrical safety company that focuses on quality not quantity!

Fixed Wire Testing


You value comprehensive, reliable business processes as much as we do. We at Brennan Electrical have developed an outstanding and totally reliable procedure for Fixed Wire Testing to ensure you get the confidence you need as well as a great customer experience.

Your Company

You pay for a certificate because you want to know the truth about your electrical infrastructure. But be warned. It takes years of experience to check other electricians work - not a two day training course. Our engineers have up to 23 years of experience each and are highly skilled, meaning you can trust and have total confidence in their findings.

On the payroll

As a core service we only use our own staff to lead the Fixed Wire Inspection process. It means you can have complete peace of mind that the job has been done properly, your certification is accurate and is in accordance to the latest regulations.

Business Continuity

Your Business continuity is our priority.

All arrangements are agreed and implemented prior to any testing.

It's another way we at Brennan electrical like to give you that extra Peace of mind.

Quality Not Quantity

Testing must not be rushed.

When it is mistakes can be made which could cost you time and money.

Our engineers are not paid bonuses.

They will NOT be rewarded for rushing or taking short cuts!

Rock Solid Testing Process

You can trust our certificates.

We've formulated a comprehensive Fixed Wire Testing process based on over 23 years of testing and over 1000 certificates generated.

Our system works. It covers everything and is designed to identify any risk.

It means with Brennan Electrical, you'll have complete clarity and confidence over your electrical status.


Brennan Electrical invests in you, your business, your home, because we have a duty of care to our customers.

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