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At Brennan Electrical many of our customers have been with us a long time and they stay because we consistent Although we make light of the issue here the fact is that most of my customers have been through a number of electrical service providers before they found us.

Our customers like you to know what we stand for and there is no better way of saying that then by the Risk Free guarantees we offer, and the client feedback we get.

If you would like to try us out then why not ask for a call back now and ask for Bobby Brennan

On Time

We will always get to you when we say we will. If not we'll take £50.00+VAT of the service bill - no questions asked.

Skilled Engineers

Our engineers are masters of their craft. They have many years' experience in a variety of working environments. It means you'll always get the right man for the right job.

Planned Maintenance

Don't worry about remembering all your renewal dates.  

Instead rely on Brennan Electrical to email you when your essential tests,checks and assessments are due.


We tidy up! If our engineers leave your workspace in a mess you won't pay for the service call


When you buy a service from us we'll give you 3 years warranty on all our workmanship. It means if you find a fault caused by us,  we will pay to to put it right. 

Reactive Maintenance

If you need us just give us a call and we will get back to you ASAP.  Our service management system will book in the right engineer for the job and we keep you informed of the job progresses. You can relax knowing the job is sorted and concentrate on all the other stuff you need to do.

Service Management System

If you need online updates for that added peace of mind we can let you have access to our service system, all our engineers have software applications built into there phones giving you real time data on all aspects of your account, from job situation, planned maintenance and invoicing.


Brennan Electrical invests in you, your business, your home, because we have a duty of care to our customers.

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