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Looking for a reliable team for your electrical contracting work?

Electrical Contracting


You can depend on us for your electrical contracting projects. So if you have a project you’d like to discuss, give us a call. There’s no obligation and it will give you a clear idea of how we could help.

You’re ideas - Mean alot !

At the surveying stage we'll ask a lot of questions.

Our experience shows that the more inquisitive and probing the questions, the better our understanding and delivery of the project.

In addition, we promise to let you know if we can identify an alternative more cost-effective or time saving approach.

As such you'll always get quality results at a price that's right.

Your Project Plan

To ensure you're totally informed you'll receive a specification for your project along with a detailed project plan that outlines how we'll execute the roll out.

A detailed risk assessment will be given to every project, along with our health and safety document that is specified to your project.


Communication - is the key! 

It's important you have a good relationship with us and so we'll meet with you and talk on the phone as much as needed.

We want you to have all the information you need with as much transparency as we can provide.

It means you can talk face-to-face about any issues or concerns, and feel reassured that we've understood your instructions.

Hopefully this approach will give you peace of mind – especially during those inevitable stressful moments!


Along with full insurance policy,risk assessments, health and safety policy, we at Brennan Electrical believe you can sit back and relax knowing as a NIC EIC approved installer you can be assured that all measures are taken to ensure the safety of all personnel involved with your project.


Brennan Electrical invests in you, your business, your home, because we have a duty of care to our customers.

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