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There's simply no need to put up with inconsistent or even terrible service from your electrical contractor.

As a busy Facilities Manager you have to deal with enough. Therefore when you hire a contractor you need to be able to trust them to do the job properly, reliably and safely. Otherwise it's just something else that's distracting you from everything else you've got to manage.

You will find Brennan Electrical philosophy and approach reassuringly different. After all, how many other electrical contractors are told, "You are the best electrical contractor we have ever used".

Our aim is to have an on-going commitment to ensure our business processes continue to deliver outstanding standards of workmanship and customer care that makes your life that bit easier.


Expect exceptional quality work:

  1. Our exceptional performance standards give you the peace of mind and reassurance that we really do know what we're doing.

  2. We aim to provide upfront reassurance and reduce the risk of working with us by offering an unrivaled set of industry guarantees. 

  3. You'll always get the right electrician for the job. Our engineers are highly qualified, on our payroll and only rewarded for the quality of work they deliver, NOT the quantity.


That makes your life easier:

  1. You'll find Brennan Electrical has the capability, skills and experience to handle all your electrical contracting requirements. From PAT and Fixed Wire Testing to more comprehensive projects such as office re-fits and re-wiring, the Infinite team will always strive to deliver a service that's consistent, reliable and outstanding.

  2. Enjoy timely communication from friendly staff that appreciate the importance of being available and answering your queries.

  3. We're committed to minimising the impact of our presence. Wherever possible we'll do what we can to ensure it remains business as usual for you and your staff.

Ready to talk?

If you want to experience the Brennan Electrical difference, request a call back today. We can chat through your requirements and you're free to grill us on our promises.

So request a callback today and ask to speak with Bobby Brennan.

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